‘Think about social development from student days’

‘Think about social development from student days’

Bijapur: The youth of this generation should start thinking about social development from their student days, said Swamiji Shanthamallikarjuna of Gnyana Yogashrama. He was speaking after distribution of computers to different schools given by Basavanagowda M Patil. He said students, in addition to academics, should observe the condition of society and build their overall personality by lending a hand to the downtrodden and the helpless.

He said B. M. Patil, a student of Pennsylvania State University, has become a role model for other students by lending a helping hand in his home district to students deprived of computer education.

Basvanagowda M Patil, who spoke on the occasion, emphasized the need for use of computer in education. He said that if students are provided with computer education early in their lives, they will be able to operate computers with ease and effortlessly communicate in English, when they reach the College. He said, in the coming days, it will be inevitable even for illiterates to use computer and it will be as easy as using a mobile phone.

Dr. Mahanthesha Biradara said that students who inculcate good culture will shape into good citizens and guidance of family and Swamiji is needed to imbibe good values.

‘Basvanna M Patil, who has been brought up with a strong value system has been doing good work’ he remarked.
Computers were distributed to Bijapur’s Sarkarai Balakara Balamandira, Mudabhavi’s Government Kannada Primary School, Gunadala’s Indhiragandhi Memorial High School and Jalageri’s Banjara Association’s Amogha Siddheshwara High School.

Rajugowda S Police Patila spoke on behalf of the administration board of schools. Prof. S. J. Gowdara, Dr. P. K. Gonnagara, Ramanagowda Patil Mudabhaavi and Ashok Tharavi were present on the occasion.

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