Distribution of mid-day hot meal appliances to Nidoni School

Bijapur: ‘Development of rural regions needs more attention than big cities’ said Basavanagowda Patil, a student of Pennsylvania State University. He was speaking after distribution of midday hot meal appliances to the children of Government Kannada Primary School and Urdu Primary School at Nidoni. Mr. Patil said that China had efficiently used its manpower as far back as 150 years ago and then had a share of 50% of the overall global development. Because of this, China is making giant strides towards becoming a superpower in spite of economic crisis at the global level, he said.

Shri Shaila Patil Nidoni, Secretary of Chennaveereshwara Vidyavardhaka Association, appreciated Basavanagowda Patil for having inculcated a service-oriented mindset while still being a student and initiating many develeopment programmes in the rural region through Shri B M Patil Foundation.

Dr. Mahanthesh Biradare said that agriculture productivity is being affected because of migration of villagers to cities. UNO has estimated that the world will face food shortage in the coming decades and agriculture will receive more prominence in the future, he said.

Itabhai Kavatekara, Chairman of Gramapanchayat, Amogi Poojari, President of SDMC, Dilshadabi Mainavale, President of Urdu School SDMC, I. S. Kalappanavara, Chennappa Gunadala, Sanganagowda Patila, Appasaba Kannura, Ibrahim Neginala and others were present on the occasion.